Thursday, May 17, 2018

12th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange Reveal

Have tea
and let it be.

It's time, my friends!
It's time for the 12th Tea Cup and Mug Exchange reveal.
Oh, what fun we shall have today.
Feel free to brew yourself a nice cup of tea
or a delicious mug of coffee. . .
and maybe grab a cookie or two
because there are oodles of tea cup and mug pictures to scroll through.
Plus, at the end of this post you will find blogs linked up
sharing their treasures from the exchange.

Sit back.



One last thing,
during the exchange I had a giveaway
and today is the day I announce the winner
of the $25.00 Amazon gift card.
She is. . . 
Jacqueline Cooper
Congratulations, dear one!

Now let the fun begin!

* * * * *

To Kelly - From Maureen

To Janice - From Pam

To Bonnie - From Dixie

To Deborah - From Debbie

To Barbara - From Linda

To Wanda - From DeeAnn

To Tamela - From Erika

To Susan - From Beverly

To Nina - From Angie

To June - From Valerie

To Mary - From Kitty

To Teresa - From Margie

To Belle - From Bonnie

To Sofia - From Tamela

To Sarah - From Sarah

To Lily - From Joy

To Maggie - From Amie

To Tammy - From Lisa

To Sarah - From Rosalyn

To DeeAnn - From Elizabeth

To Lisa - From Kelly

To Kathy - From Bee

To Silvia - From Dawn

To Tricia - From Angela

To Dixie - From Lynn

To Sarah - From Elizabeth

To Bee - From Gretchen

To Beverly - From Linda

To Debra - From Dixie

To Karen - From Denise

To Emily - From Olivia

To Jeanette - From Abigail

To Lynn - From Marilyn

To Sam - From Debby

To Peg - From Cindy

To Adeline - From Silvia

To Susan - From Beverly

To Lynn - From Kaye

To Betty - From Tammy

To Judith - From Elizabeth

To Anne - From Susannah

To Elizabeth - From Maureen

To Karen - From Gillian

To Dorothy - From Nina

To Cheryl - From June

To Kathryn - From Nancy

To Joy - From Belle

To Emily - From Krishna

To Becky - From Diana

To Margaret - From Judy

To Diana - From Arilea

To Grace - From Paulina

To Mal - From Ashley

To Cheryl - From Cheryl

To Janae - From Paulina

To Peg - From Andrea

To Debbie - From Lynn

To Alyssa - From Angela

To Adria - From Judy

To Rosalyn - From Elizabeth

To Florrie - From Rebekka

To Adaline - From Jan

To Olivia - From Florrie

To Grace - From Susannah

To Marge - From Ella

To Sam - From Debbie

To Ida - From Bee

To Danielle - From Adeline

To Allison - From Anne

To Anne - From Karen

To Irene - From Grace

To Margaret - From Barbara

To Marina - From Rosalind

To Marina - From Sandra

To Kathy - From Ida

To LeAnna - From Brianna

To Maggie - From Olivia

To Sarah - From Rosalyn

To June - From Lea

To Jessica - From Gretchen

To Valerie - From Carolyn

To Joanne - From Tanya

To Jan - From MONTSE

To Karen - From Darlene

To Barbara - From Tonia

To Emily - From Danielle

To Lily - From Danielle

To Danielle - From Janae

To Ella - From Chevon

To Sylvia - From Alyssa

To Janice - From Adria

I can't thank each one of you enoughfor joining the exchange.
Many of you have become faithful participants
and your joy in joining the exchange brings a smile to my face.
I consider it an honor to host this event for all of you
and I'm incredibly thankful that you enjoy it so.
Thank you, friends, 
for it is YOU who makes this exchange possible.

And on that note. . .
at this time I will not be hosting another exchange.
Each one continues to grow and with close to 250 participants 
it's getting to be a "bit much."
And I must confess that with each exchange comes certain "issues" 
that are out of my control, but tend to make participants unhappy
which in turn bothers me deeply.
So for now I am saying "adieu" to the exchange. . .
maybe for a little while or maybe forever.
We shall see. . .

Have a beautiful and blessed day,
lovely friends!

Each cup of tea
represents an imaginary voyage.
- Catherine Douzel -
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